What is SRMO?

Want to play and earn credit for official Shadowrun Missions games without having to wait until the next big con? New to Shadowrun and want to get the best possible introduction with the most friendly and experienced GMs in the world? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Shadowrun Missions: Online is a venue for finding and playing Shadowrun Missions games from current and past seasons, and have them count as official games that apply to your characters


Upcoming Games

Looking to make some nuyen?

SR 5th Ed
Sat — Sep 25  6:00 PM
1 / 6
SR 5th Ed
Wed — Oct 6  5:00 PM
1 / 6
SR 5th Ed
Wed — Oct 20  5:00 PM
1 / 6

Where do you play?

Events are only $5

That’s less than the cost at most major conventions
And we still have official CDT Agent GMs!

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